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DON'T MISS-APRIL 7 Toronto School Buildings AT RISK: A Symposium in Three Parts

ACO Toronto
Apr 01, 2018
Lord Lansdowne School, architect Peter Pennington and Frederick C Etherington, rusting away
Lord Lansdowne School, architect Peter Pennington and Frederick C Etherington, rusting away
This symposium is presented by ACO Toronto, but the issue applies across Ontario.  A full quarter of Toronto’s schools are in critical condition and require extensive renovations or replacement of core systems. Leaking roofs, broken boilers, and other symptoms of general neglect such as ... +read

City of Toronto Moving Ahead with Main Streets Listings

Catherine Nasmith
Apr 01, 2018
College Street: A Study Part !, Steve Russell and Alec Keefer
College Street: A Study Part !, Steve Russell and Alec Keefer
The City of Toronto Heritage Preservation Services department is to be applauded for its current program of looking at larger areas, particularly along Toronto's main streets, and adding a large group of properties to the City's Heritage Register at a time.  At the recent Toronto Preservation ... +read

Dan Schneider's Blog, OHA+M moves to Heritage Resource Centre

Michael Drescher
Mar 31, 2018

Established in 1980, The Heritage Resource Centre (HRC) was founded in the Faculty of Environment to promote a better understanding of natural and human heritage for the improvement of planning management, and public policy through research, education, and extension work.As part of this mandate, The... +read

Toronto Star: 20 Jerome St. TO Listed Terra Cotta faced house in jeopardy

Neighbours want beautiful terracotta-tiled home preserved in west-end Toronto

Vjosa Isai
Apr 11, 2018

New owners began renovations this week after discovering heritage property was structurally unsound to be lived in. Neighbours allege that some people on ladders started to pull down a section of wall and blamed the wind storm  (STEVE RUSSELL / TORONTO STAR) ... +read

Moose Jaw Independent: Film Commemorating Lost Crushed Can Arena

Filmmaker Commemorates Civic Centre

Nick Murray
Apr 10, 2018

Nick Murray Brian Stockton, a Regina-based film maker, has just released a short film about the old Moose Jaw Civic Centre, other wise known as "The Crushed Can". The film is just a short piece, meant to commemorate the arena. "I was always a huge fan of the Civic Centre" Stockton said, referring... +read

Toronto Star: School Repair Backlog puts Buildings at Risk

Repair backlog puts not just Ontarios aging schools at risk, but also our unique heritage, experts warn

Andrea Gordon
Apr 08, 2018
City Adult Learning Centre, Peter Pennington Architect, site of yesterday's event, photo Catherine Nasmith
City Adult Learning Centre, Peter Pennington Architect, site of yesterday's event, photo Catherine Nasmith
“Perfect storm” of inadequate provincial funding, politics and old buildings is behind a repair backlog that has tripled in the past 15 years to a whopping $16 billion for Ontario schools, symposium hears. The average age of the TDSB’s 547 school buildings is 62 year... +read

Globe and Mail: Anndore House Revamp

Torontos Anndore House: From journeyman building to hotel star

Dave LeBlanc
Apr 06, 2018

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? The journeyman actor – think Paul Giamatti, the late James Gandolfini, Judy Greer or Sarah Paulson – that, after decades, finally gets their name in lights. In architecture, the same holds true. In every era, there ... +read

Globe and Mail: Save Bloor Collegiate Institute-Redevelopment needs a Rething

Its time to stop Torontos schools  and its heritage  from crumbling

Alex Bozikovic
Apr 06, 2018
“As settlement is spreading rapidly west of Dufferin Street, the completed building will be filled almost as soon as it is ready for occupation.” That was The Globe in May, 1909, reporting on the new Kent Public School at the corner of Bloor and Dufferin in Toronto.  ... +read

Toronto Star: Saving Toronto's Oldest Tree

Will city step in to save what could be Torontos oldest tree?

Samantha Beattie
Apr 04, 2018
A realtor says a North York homeowner may chop down a centuries-old red oak that is threatening the structural integrity of the house — unless the city agrees to buy the property.  The red oak on Coral Gable Dr. may be up to 350 years old, and is designated by the city as a... +read

Canadian Architect: George Brown Competition Winners Announced

Moriyama & Teshima + Acton Ostry win competition for

Canadian Architect
Apr 04, 2018
George Brown College has announced that Moriyama & Teshima Architects + Acton Ostry Architects have been selected to design The Arbour — moving one step closer toward construction of Ontario’s first tall wood, low carbon institutional building. The winning design was c... +read

Globe and Mail: Patkau Architects

The quiet genius of Vancouvers Patkau Architects

Alex Bozikovic
Apr 01, 2018

The Polygon Gallery contains what used to be Presentation House Gallery, a small-but-mighty institution at the centre of Vancouver’s photography and media-arts scene. “Underneath, it’s very quiet and dour,” says John Patkau. “But when the ligh... +read

Globe and Mail: Peter Dickinson at Centennial College

Dickinsonian vibe still alive at Centennial College's Story Arts Centre

Dave LeBlanc
Apr 01, 2018

British architect Peter Dickinson’s design is lively, with turquoise and chartreuse spandrel panels throughout the building and a butterfly roof for a simple tool shed.    They're just a series of interlocking hoops and a few balls – likely meant to r... +read

Heritage Resource Centre: Missing Heritage Property Tax Class

A Tax Class for Heritage Gets the Cold Shoulde

Dan Schneider
Mar 29, 2018

  Artscape Youngplace, a culture hub on Shaw Street, Toronto   Picking up from last time:The City of Toronto and the province are joining forces to address the tax squeeze in which a number of Toronto properties find themselves.   About 20 arts/cu... +read

Saving Places: The Women who loved and Worked for FLW

Where Does Frank Lloyd Wright's Genius Come From

Carson Bear
Mar 29, 2018
Martha Mamah Borthwick
Martha Mamah Borthwick
Frank Lloyd Wright, widely considered one of the greatest modern architects, was as known for his temper, narcissism, and dramatic personal life as he was for his innovative designs. Yet traditionally when history has looked back on him, Wright’s genius is often perc... +read

Daily Mail: Restoration of Chatsworth House

Chatsworth goes bling!

Richard Kat, Thanks to Margie Zeidler for the forward
Mar 26, 2018
Not since the Windsor Castle fire has there been a makeover of one of our national treasures on such a scale. Indeed, the restoration of Chatsworth House has cost only a few million pounds less than the £37 million lavished on the castle. However, the facelift of Chatsworth, in Derbyshire &md... +read

Stratford Beacon Herald:Demolishing the Columns on the White House

Stratford heritage advocates worried about permit to demolish White House columns

Jonathan Juha
Mar 26, 2018
Fencing is now in place around the entrance of Stratord's so-called White House on St. David St. after the city issued an unsafe order due to the poor state of the home's columns. (JONATHAN JUHA/THE BEACON HERALD     Stratford’s so-called White House is once ... +read

Treehugger:Heritage Reno achieves Passivhaus standards

Passivhaus isn't just a standard of energy, it's a standard of luxury

Lloyd Alter
Mar 26, 2018
© Prewitt Bizley Architects Prewett Bizley show how going Passivhaus increases comfort and quality for people who don't worry about energy costs. Passivhaus, or Passive House, was originally all about saving energy and sets strict limits on heat loss and air infiltration. The very rich... +read

BlogTO: Design Competition for George Brown College

Toronto is getting a Stunning new building made of wood

Lauren O'Neill
Mar 26, 2018
Entry by Shigeru Ban and Brook McIlroy
Entry by Shigeru Ban and Brook McIlroy
George Brown College is set to bring the first-ever "institutional tall wood building" to Toronto as part of its environmentally-friendly waterfront campus downtown. Called The Arbour, this structure will be the first and largest of its kind in Ontario at 12-storeys&n... +read

Toronto Star: New Interactive Map to Historic Toronto pics

Travel through time across Toronto with help from Googles Sidewalk Labs

Edward Keenan
Mar 26, 2018
Click here for an interactive map of Toronto’s Archive. Today, I spent hours time-travelling through the streets of Toronto. I saw a parade at Yonge and King at the end of the Boer war in 1901, men raising their bowler caps in the air and waving Union Jack flags under three-store... +read

Historica Canada Minute on Kensington Market

Kensington Market Heritage Minute launch

Oct 24, 2017
Baldwin Street, Catherine Nasmith
Baldwin Street, Catherine Nasmith
An interesting animated video on the evolution of Kensington Market, home to me and Built Heritage News.... +read

Continuing Education Course: Toronto
Thursdays, May 10 - June 28, 2018 (8 sessions)
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Continuing Education Course: Architecture of Southern Ontario
Wednesdays, May 2 - June 20, 2018 (8 sessions)
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Continuing Education Course: Evolving Toronto: Shaped by Function
Tuesdays, May 1 - June 19, 2018 (8 sessions)
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